Our Solutions Comparison Table


Up Front $1,495 $4,995 $5,000 None $3,900
Benefit Low Cost Unlimited Priority No Risk DYI
Services 30-Day Post and Screen Source, Screen, Qualify,Connect,ad Deliver Identify, Source, Screen, Qualify, and Deliver Source, Screen, and Qualify Identify 5 Candidates and Contact Information
# of Hires Unlimited Unlimited One One Unlimited
Reference Checks None Two Three One None
Replacement Guarantee None Continuous While on Program One replacement during first 45 Days One replacement during first 30 Days None
Fee Percent None Low Monthly Fee 25% of 1st year's Salary 30% of 1st year's Salary None
Database Searches [true] [true] [true] [true] [true]
Talent Profile [true] [true] [true] [true] [true]
Candidate Sourcing [true] [true] [true] [true] [true]
Search Talent Profiles [true] [true] [true] [true] [true]
Job Posting [true] [true] [true] [true] [false]
Social Media Sharing [true] [true] [true] [true] [false]
Resume Screening [true] [true] [true] [true] [false]
Single Point of Accountability [false] [true] [true] [false] [false]
Tailored Timeline [false] [true] [true] [false] [false]
Qualify by Telephone [false] [true] [true] [true] [false]
Candidate Comparison [false] [true] [true] [false] [false]
Interview Scheduling [false] [true] [true] [true] [false]
Reference Check #1 [false] [true] [true] [true] [false]
Reference Check #2 [false] [true] [true] [false] [false]
Reference Check #3 [false] [false] [true] [false] [false]
Guarantee None Continuous While on Program 45 Days 30 Days None
401k Planning Info [false] [true] [true] [false] [false]
Relocation information [false] [true] [true] [false] [false]
Talent Radar [false] [true] [false] [false] [false]
Talent Patrol [false] [true] [false] [false] [false]
Talent Round-up [false] [true] [false] [false] [false]

Priority Engaged:

  Your company engages our search consultants to locate a candidate for a future point in time.  Our fee is computed at 25% of first year's base salary only.  A $5,000 non-refundable deposit is required to initiate the search.  The remainder is due when the candidate begins employment.



We refer candidates who most closely match your company's requirements. If you hire someone we've presented, our fee is 30% of anticipated first year's total compensation. If you hire someone through another source, no fee is due.


Basic (Fill-A-Job) :

We will post, screen, qualify and present candidates who meet your basic qualifications.

You don’t need to run ads or subscribe to expensive Job Boards. This eliminates the entire Permanent Placement fee most traditional recruiters charge.

Remarkable Talent ON-DEMAND

Sourcing & Screening: We source, screen and qualify employees that you hire directly.  Unlimited positions.  Any titles.  (no, Really!!!) You pay a small monthly fee and avoid the hourly mark-up or placement fee when you hire our candidates.  We become an extension of your Human Resource department.  Think of us as your HR consultant and off-site Recruiters - saving you time and money.  It is easy to budget and reduces your Cost per hire.


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