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Priority Engaged Search

Choose our Priority Engaged Search solution when your Company is serious about Hiring

  • A $5,000 deposit is required to initiate the Search (this amount is credited toward your final invoice)

    • So, it doesn't cost you any more money​.

  • Our total service fee is 25% of the candidates first year base salary only.

    • We do not charge for benefits, commissions, sign-on bonus, relocation, etc...​

  • Includes a full 180-day replacement Guarantee

    • If the candidate leave (for any reason) in the first 180 days, we replace them at no additional cost to you.​

We have a 98% success rate filling your Priority Engaged positions within 21-days of receiving the deposit.

Note: The Industry Standard success rate for filling a Contingency Search is only 19%.

If you really don't need to fill the position, or just want to compare candidates - go with Contingency.

But, if you are serious about hiring and the position is urgent and critical for your success - go with Priority Engaged.

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